Mall Rat

I hate malls. I hate shopping for clothes. Well...I hate shopping for pants. Especially jeans. Jeans suck. And bloody hell they can be expensive.

After looking and trying on jeans that ranged from $20-200 what did I end up with? Classic Levi's. Thank you Levi's. And thank you helpful girl at Levi's who was clearly too cool to be working there.

Would it be too much to ask that the sizing across stores be the same? I really don't care what size I am but I hate not being able to figure out what freaking size I am when I walk into the store.

On the irony front - back when I was really skinny couldn't find pants small enough to fit. Now that I've gained some weight I can find oodles of those sizes that I needed back then. They seem to be the only sizes left on the rack. But I'm really damned happy I'm not that size any more.

Can someone explain something to me? There seems to be this trend at the mall of young girls with carefully done hair and makeup and carefully chosen accessories....wearing sweats that I wouldn't even have worn to gym class in high school.

Shopping for books is much more pleasant than shopping for jeans.