Big Boned

What's this? A cover that has a woman on it with a head! (Sorry, still peeved.)

Right the book! Big Boned is the third (but hopefully not the last) book in Meg Cabot's Heather Wells mystery series.  This is the first one that I done as an audio book and it translates pretty well (as we know, some books make horrid audio books). I'll be honest, I'd rather read it than listen to it but when I'm trying to cut down on book expenditures and I can borrow the audio book via download from the library the audio book wins.

I didn't think I'd like this book. You see, I read a preview chapter of it somewhere and Heather had a boyfriend. WHO ISN'T CARTER. And that's just wrong.

But I was surprised because I liked it. All the favourite series characters are there including my favourite - Gavin. Although I must confess I prefer Gavin in print than Gavin in audio but the drawn out "dudes" got a bit trying and made me realize that if Gavin was real and I was stuck in the same room with him I might be able to resist the urge to slap him upside the head.

In this one there's another murder in Death Dorm and, of course, Heather is the one to find the victim. Our favourite cop is brought to the scene and starts grilling Heather - including asking her what the hell is up with her having a boyfriend that is not Carter.

Basically the usual hijinks ensure.

I think Heather Wells is my favourite Cabot main character. Mia is too much of a drama queen (well...she's got the royalty bit down at least). I want to like Lizzie but mostly I want to shake and tell her to stop being an idiot. And the rest I can't remember by name. Heather certainly has a silliness about her and yep there are times I want to shake her but overall there's something authentic about her.

I'm debating on whether or not I'd like to see a 4th book in this series. I've hear that there might but not definitively. The ending did leave me wanting more but at the same time I'm fearful for where a 4th book could/would go. I think Heather could end up turning into a particular crazy type of female stereotype (sorry for the vagueness, trying hard to avoid spoilers) and that would seriously disappoint me.