Marked: RIP II Challenge Book

My friend Cat raved about Marked by PC Cast and Kristin Cast and told me I had to read it.

She was right.

I really liked the main character, Zoey. And I really, really liked the whole thing about how vampyres come to be marked, etc. And the whole People of Faith thing. Really, some interesting social commentary there. I liked the Cherokee connection (although I have to ask - why is it always Cherokees?).

What I *don't* like about this, and it bugs me in Kim Harrison's books too, is the underlying assumption that if people with supernatural/superhuman/just plain super abilities/genes/talents/whatever were incorporated into society that popular culture etc would be exactly the same and we'd have the same movies, stars, etc. It's just one of those things that irritate me and bring me out of fantasy world. Sure, I can suspend belief for vampyres and werewolves and witches but say that pop culture is exactly the same POW I'm outta there. (Hey, I never said my mind made sense.)

I'm a bit concerned about the second book. I have a suspicion that I know where they are going with it (or possibly a third book?) and I. don't. like. it. It better be one of those times where I'm really wrong.

And I wanna see the tattooooooooooooooos.