Labouring on Labour Day Monday

My last day of vacation. *sob* So what better thing to do than to do a most-of-the-day project. Mostly it involves me sitting on my butt and letting the oven perform magic. I can live with that. I'm even documenting it. How shocking!

I'm using Alannah's and Kayln's recipes as a guide. Although I will say that I've deviated from both because I didn't use fennel. I don't own fennel. I'm not even sure if I like fennel!

Now if only I could find the CD with my camera software on it so that I can hook it up my Mac....

I also need to clean today. Blarg. I hate cleaning.

Edit: Now I remember why I hate cleaning and dusting - it makes me sneeze and makes my hands swell. AH-CHOO!