Heavy on the Heyer please!

So I am new to the world that is Georgette Heyer. I've heard of her, kept meaning to pick up some of her books and never really got around to it. I had mentioned it to a coworker and she sent me a few of her novels as a house warming gift.

I'm hooked. I'm not usually one to fall to historical romances.

Not only did I read both of the novels that she sent me in the past week but I went out and bought a third. I'm holding off on it for awhile because I'm not buying any books in September and I need to ration things. (And I can just say that I find it somewhat amusing that the university library has a biography of Heyer but none of her works?)

The Grand Sophy - the first Heyer novel that I read. And a couple of people have stated that it's their favourite. I'm always wary when people say that because I feel like the rest of the novels will end up letting me down.

(An aside - the sky is reflecting on my screen and I can see the clouds moving over the sun and type at the same time. It's kinda cool.)

I understand why many people love this novel. Sophy is just plain *fun*. You really have to like a character who goes into a house and turns it upside down and sets all their wrongs to rights all the while making them absolutely adore her.

Heyer also does a good job of making the people we're not really supposed to like amusing. I loved Miss Wraxton. And by love I mean would have thoroughly enjoyed to see someone kick her into a stream. She's very amusing. She kind of reminded me of Miss Clack from The Moonstone but honestly, I hated Miss Clack so even I find the reminder odd. I wasn't a big fan of Charles, our not-so-wonderful hero. Dude had seriously blood pressure issues and really needed to find a way to alleviate stress aside from yelling (hmm one should probably not call a Regency hero "dude" should they?)

While playing around online I went to Google Blog Search (this is a dangerous act and I do not recommend it - it wreaks havoc on your blogfeeds) and found the blog I Can't Believe It's a Not Blog but that is however "for all of your maudlin, smuttilicious needs). (Can we guess how long it too me to subscribe to it?) The Grand Sophy was the first Heyer she read too and well...she wasn't too fond of Charles either.

(Ok this is taking me much longer to write than I thought it was and I'm HUNGRY...must write faster!)

The second one to the plate was Venetia (hmmm one probably should also not use sports metaphors when talking about Regency romances...*shrug* I never was much of one for rules).

Venetia is a well read independent woman who has power of attorney over her families estate while her older brother is off playing soldier and also takes care of her younger brother who is an aspiring scholar and has a physical disability. A smart, capable girl (sorry, woman as it is frequently stated in the book that she is five and twenty) by all accounts so what else if there for her to do but fall for the local rake?

Interesting family twist in this one. I really don't read a lot of historical romance so I can't say if it's common or not but I know that I haven't encountered it before in a Regency novel. And that's all I'll say about that because otherwise I'll spoil a crucial part of the book.

Unlike most contemporary romances and chick-lit that I think of as fluff or candy, Heyer is more like cake. Sweet, gooey, filling and yes predictable (I mean how often is cake not good?) but somehow you always want more - especially at unexpected times like for breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast I should go get some. Unfortunately I don't have cake but I do have Montreal bagels which I gladly would have taken over cake when I lived in Toronto.