Random Miscellany

  • I love the morning doorman in my building. He makes me laugh. This morning he wished me a good day...no a lovely day! No! A FANTASTIC DAY! The other doormen ,while perfectly polite and wonderful, really do not have the same exuberant personality.

  • My groceries took THREE hours to get delivered last night. Not so happy about this.
    But hey, I have groceries again. Just don't ask if all the dry goods have been put away yet.

  • I'm not sure what I think about all the season premieres. While it's nice to see new episodes and check out a few new shows they are seriously interrupting my CSI:Miami rerun watching schedule. How will I live without a constant supply of Horatio's one-liners?

  • Speaking of re-runs, when I was changing my channel selection the other week I added in SexTV just on a whim. DUDE! I get to see reruns of the Sunday Night Sex show EVERY NIGHT.  Sue Johanson would totally be at my celebrity dinner table. Oh man! Can you imagine her and Susie Bright at the same table???