Dangers of working from home

You take a "lunch break" late in the afternoon which really means it's time to shower because you didn't have time to shower before you started work and you ate lunch while in a meeting throwing food into your face and thanking the gods for inventing the mute button.

You get out of the shower and look in the mirror and are disgusted with your hair. You look in the medicine cabinet for your comb and innocently lying beside it is a pair of scissors.

You take the comb, scissors and a clip in your hand.

You look at them for a minute.

You comb your hair and clip it.

You pick up the scissors.

You cut your hair.

And then you cut some more of your hair.

Then you even it out a bit.

Then you look in the mirror and think, "Hey, not a salon job but I didn't pay $100 for it either."

Then you go back to work with little hairs stuck to your shirt and in your cleavage because you forgot to put a towel around your shoulders. But your cat is the only to see you so it doesn't really matter.

And you hope that when your hair is dry it looks ok.