Happy weekend!

In a couple of hours I'm going to shut down my laptop and embark on an internet free weekend. It can be done! In my case it involves going to a cottage where even my cell phone doesn't work. This means I do a lot of reading. I will be taking my Mac with me but that's so that I can start writing a few posts that I need to get someone else to post for me at BlogHer when I'm off travelling through Ontario next month (have I mentioned that I'm really busy and have something that vaguely resembles a social life? It's kinda frightening...).

This of course means that I need to figure out what books to pack for the weekend. And how many to pack. I once ran out of books at the cottage and it was not. a. good. scene. (As I'm sure you can well imagine.) It's much harder to do this than one would think. I not only have to make sure that I have enough books for the weekend but I need to anticipate my moods and what I want to read. And I can read a LOT in a weekend at the cottage. Cause well...it's pretty much all I do there aside from eat and sleep. And occasionally canoe. And ok, there are usually some spears being thrown (I don't generally bring my own atlatl though...there's usually one or two kicking around down there.) Oh and stock up on Cabot Cheese because I don't understand why anyone would go to Vermont and NOT buy Cabot Cheese. (Seriously, I would rather have Cabot Cheese than Ben & Jerry's....someone just fell off their chair didn't they?)

I keep changing the books in my stack.... is 6 too many to take for a weekend????

EDIT: YES there is a problem with comments. I've reported it. Sorry everyone!!!