If anyone is keeping score...

TWO TIMES today I have hauled my butt up my hill with a heavy food-filled backpack and various canvas bags.

I've been getting to the point where the hill isn't so very horrible most of the time. Funny how that changes when you have $50-70 strapped to your body. It's one of those days where I wished I had a car (mind you I just probably would have spent more money that way...).  And what the heck was I thinking going to the grocery store the Sunday that is a. on a long weekend and b. the weekend before classes start?

Luckily when I was at the market this morning I picked up some fresh mint.  Earlier this week I had read on Slashfood about mint-infused water.  I thought it sounded good.  I made some up before I went out to the grocery store and after hauling myself back up that hill doing my own personal interpretation of a pack-mule I have to say it was mighty refreshing.

After relaxing for a few minutes I'm going to go clean my kitchen and then make it dirty by making lots of yummy food. Today I'm making homemade pizza and then making a couple of batches of soup (see, told you I'm Soupy McSoupsalot).  I'm going to try my hand at a big batch of carrot ginger soup because the last batch I made was SO DAMN GOOD. I'm also going to make a small pot of curried squash soup. NOTE TO SELF: the curry gets hotter as it sits - don't keep freaking adding it this time.  Oh and yesterday I made broccoli soup.  See - I'm soup crazy.

Tomorrow is slow-roasted tomatoes day. Separate post on that tomorrow or Tuesday - if I remember with pictures. And that may be unlikely as this morning I stopped at two different stores before I found batteries for my cameara (I have rechargables but my recharger has been cranky) and I still forgot to take photos. Oops.