Plan vs Reality

Objective: buy hangers

Plan: go to dollarstore where plastic hangers are something like 10 for $1. Plan to buy at least $5 worth and no more than $10 worth.

Reality: Go to dollarstore. No hangers. Well, there are hangers. Disney Princess hangers that would be the perfect size if I wanted to hang up my bras (which perhaps surprisingly I do not).  Spent $7 on other random stuff like tea towels and a sign for my kitchen.

Remember location of a second dollarstore within walking distance. Also out of hangers except of the Disney Princess variety.

Go home. Ignore pile of laundry as there is no sense in doing if if I cannot put it away.

Next day: Give up on dollarstores. Go to Canadian Tire. Some how manage to spent $50 on stuff including 72 plastic hangers.

Result: A planned $10 trip to the dollarstore cost me almost $60. Let's hear it for budgeting!