Max frustration reached

And the funny thing is, nothing *major* happened today. But I spent the whole day sitting there waiting for the bomb to drop. It didn't. I'm still waiting for it. lol I am seriously tense these days though. And I am tired of being tired. And somehow today was just very frustrating even though nothing really happened (yeah, I know, I need some time off - working on that).

After work I headed down to the dep to pick up a few things like, you know, milk. They where receiving a delivery so I stood the side waiting. Some JACKASS with a gym bag walked right up to the counter, past me and demanded service. The clerk looked at me and apologized and the guy looks at me and says, "Oh were you waiting?"

Responses that ran through my head:

  • Jackass!

  • No, I'm just standing here with a bunch of stuff in my arms in front of the counter at a store for shits and giggles.

  • Jackass!

  • Bite me.

  • Oh look, jocks aren't totally brain dead after all! You can actually speak. Too bad you're blind.

  • Jackass.

My actual response was a shrug and glare.

Then after he finished he was so kind as to inform me I could go ahead now. No I did not call him a jackass or tell him to kiss my ass. I glared. I think that shows amazing restraint don't you?

Then I came upstairs and chopped things and made potato leek soup. Too bad I was too pissed off to follow the instructions properly and added the cream at the wrong time. Oh well. It's still tasty. And comforting. And that's something at least.