The weather made me do it

I have the day off. Woohoo! I had planned to run errands and do generally responsible things like get a new health card (oh the joys of moving to a new province).  You know, generally be one of those grown-up type people. But it's raining! And there's thunder! Which means I can't possibly go outside can I? I mean, who wants to get a health card picture taken when they are all soggy??? Plus I am a delicate flower who must not be exposed to the horrors of thundershowers. ;)

Which means I get to stay inside for the day. And read. And make yummy food.  First the food.  I'm going to make this for lunch (not the full recipe of course).  I think I also need to make soup. I went to the Atwater Market yesterday morning and among other things I bought leeks and potatoes. I think that screams soup making don't you? (While my marketing skills are excellent due to the last few years of training at the St. Lawrence Market my French is so not up to the task, I need to re-learn the French names for veggies...). And I'm going to make chicken with zucchini and mushrooms for dinner I think. Now, all this may require me to run to a store (mostly for milk and perhaps soup stock) but it's ok. Have I mentioned that my fantastic building has a dep?

I feel a bit of a book binge coming on. A mini one though, because as you can see I have a lot of cooking to do today (also tempted to make bread or biscuits but I think I'll pass on that one today, think I'll save it for the next time Cat comes over so we can have biscuits with our tea). I started reading Confessions of a Teen Sleuth: A Parody last night.  It keeps making me think of Leila and her Nancy Drew posts. But I'm not sure what I plan to start after that. Cat loaned me some books and I'm feeling pretty tempted by Urban Shaman. But I've also got a non-fiction itch. I could finish 28 Stories of Aids in Africa.  Or any of the billion books I have about WWII.  The ever growing collection of burlesque books still need to have their covers cracked open. Or there's book about cod. But I read non-fiction so slowly. The idea of a book binge is to lose yourself in the books. I have lots of fiction to choose from. There's The Ladies Lending Library. I have no less than THREE Christopher Moore books that need to be read. I picked up a copy of Elsewhere recently. Of I take a classic turn I have oodles of those to read (too many to list really). Too many choices.

Oh! I also ordered books yesterday.  Online shopping is dangerous. I needed (yes needed) to pick up a copy of Stephanie Meyer's book Eclipse. So I decided to pre-order online.  It was a bit cheaper online and I've been trying to get my hands on a copy of Stephen King's On Writing for awhile. Everyone who has read it has told me it's one of the best books about writing out there, including people at the bookstores where I've looked for it, but none of the stupid stores actually have it in stock. Grrrrrrrrrr.  So I had no choice but to order that online. lol And then I needed to buy at least one more book to get free shipping so I decided to pick up a hardcover copy of The Deception of the Emerald Ring. I have the others in hardcover (on sale) so I figured why not.  Which meant that I spent about $10 more than originally planned. Oops.

Today is my posting day at BlogHer too.  I post on Saturdays and Mondays, just so you know. ;) Maybe I ought to write about the evils of online book shopping???