Canada Post Hates Me

And if the Harper Collins Canada First Look program never sends me another book I shall forever blame the post office. You see, at the end of June I received word that I would be getting a book to review from the program. Yay! I like books! I was worried that it would be late because it was sure to arrive in the black area of time between when my address changed and when I moved and there was sure to be a delay right?

Um yeah. You could say that. You see, my address officially changed with the post office on July 4. Coincidentally that's the same date that the package containing the book was stamped. But I did not move until July 10. The package didn't come to Toronto. And then it wasn't showing up in Montreal. And it I kept waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Around July 26 I got an email from my former landlord saying he had a package for me. I sighed because I knew now I would never meet the July 30th deadline for the review.

He forwarded the package to me. I got it on August 2. When it arrived it did NOT have the sticker on it that Canada Post puts on it when they forward your mail automatically. Sigggghhhhhhh. So I read it yesterday and submitted my review today. But yeah, I suspect that may be black mark against me in the world of Harper Collins Canada. There's nothing like being screwed by Canada Post. Again.

So what was the book I read for Harper Collins? Queen of Babble in the Big City by Meg Cabot. I had received the first one as part of the program too. Maybe I'll strike it lucky and get the third one as part through the program and have a matching set. It was a cute book. I like Lizzie. And her grandmother made an appearance in this one. I love Grandma. She gave me my one laugh out loud moment during the book. Hee!

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