Happy Blog Day

Hey hey! I'm still here! I've just been hiding on patios drinking sangria and going to Ottawa to meet with work people (yes on my vacation) and bribing my coworkers with homemade jam and cigars.

But today is Blog Day! And on Blog Day you tell people about these wonderful new blogs you've discovered. And seeing as this is a book blog you would think that I would be talking about book blogs wouldn't you? Yeah, well you'd be wrong!

Let's get started!

  1. ThreeSeven - Canadian! Gotta show my fellow Canadians some love don't I? I gotta like someone who is on the hungover-must-have-poutine wagon.

  2. Pioneer Woman Cooks - I *want* her kitchen. I think it's almost bigger than my apartment and for those of you who have heard me ramble about it my new apartment ain't small. Step-by-step photos, yummy recipes, and funny.

  3. Cleaner Plate Club - Described as "one mother's search for real food." I'm all about the real food. Especially soup - I love making soup. When I was living in Toronto my closest grocery store was all about the HUGE boxes of overly processed CRAP. The post that earned it a permanent place in my feed reader? Friday Night Pizza - in high school a good friend's family used to always do Friday night homemade pizza and it brought me back to one of the better memories of high school.

  4. Boxing the Octopus - Writing. I like writing. I don't have time to do it (read I don't *make* time to do it) and I don't think I'm very good at it but that doesn't stop me from reading about how others do it. Are you a dabbler? (For the record I am not - I'm a lazy wannabee chickenshit, lol.)

  5. 3 for 365 - Three good things every day, an exercise in positive thinking. Could you do it? Could you do it for a whole year?

Now go post your five and leave me a comment so I can go check them out.

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