I've been spoiled

For the last 2 years I've had access to a washer and dryer for free. For 1.5 years before that I had my own washer and dryer. In between those there was about six months in which I lived in a large building with lots of washer and dryers and it cost me about $3.50/load (washer and dryer).

Now I'm living in another large building where I can't have my own washer and dryer and need to use the building's laundry room.  On the plus side they've switched to the card system which means no more saving change.

On the down side it costs more than $4/load (washer and dryer).  I need to start budgeting for laundry again cause holy crap that's a lot of money a month! I've gotten very used to buying laundry detergent and some dryer sheets and calling it day.  Not any more. Budgeting for laundry SUCKS.  I'm predicting (assuming I don't lose my laundry card AGAIN) that I'll be spending at least $40/month on laundry (approximately 10 - 11 loads per month). That's $480 per year not including detergent and dryer sheets. Aye yi yi.  Think of how many books that would buy!

I miss being spoiled.