Belated Women's Equality Day

I forget about these days mostly because they tend to be American but hey, this is important.

Yes I am a feminist. No that is not a dirty word.

Why am I a feminist? For far too many reasons. Way too many reasons.

Because I have been treated as less than a male on too many occassions.

Because my bosses told me when I was leaving their company I'd never do any better or make any more money (proved them wrong now didn't I?)

Because I've been asked to serve too men because oh my gosh I have breasts!

Because if my breasts had eyes I'd have made eye contact with a hell of a lot more men.

Because having my ass grabbed is supposed to be a compliment from a perfect stranger.

Because various ex's have acted like me and my body parts are something that they own and can do whatever the fuck they want with.

Because I've been laughed at for complaining about inappropriate male behaviour.

Because I've been dismissed while attempting to file an official complaint against a bank security guard for some very inappropriate comments.

Because I told my boss about the very inappropriate security guard and he went down to chat with the security guard and "took care of it".

Because "guys will be guys".

Because I've been physically threatened by men.

Because I've been called just about every name you can think of - most seem to be connected to my anatomy.

Because I've been told to keep my mouth shut since a male's opinion is more important.

Because I consider myself lucky that this list is as short as it is.

Because I know all the above is fucking bullshit and that I'm worth a hell of a lot more than they think I am.

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