Well...that puts a bump in my plans

For those you who read either read Canadian news or Cat's blog you know that the subway was closed down on Friday due to a rather large crack that was found by Bay employees.  The green line of the metro was closed from Lionel-Groulx to Berri-UQAM.  So pretty much all of the downtown core.  And it's still closed and is to remain so until at least Monday. I had planned to go to the Atwater market today to buy veggies from all the lovely local farmers. Now I still could. I have no problem walking there. It's the uphill walk back home with $40 worth of vegetables that isn't looking like fun. At all.  I could take the orange line across downtown but that still leaves the whole uphill thing.  So I guess I'm going to shelve my foodie plans for a couple of days. Not complaining in the slightest because I *shudder* to think what could have happened if they hadn't caught the crack.