Rises the Night

I spent a lazy day today sitting on my butt reading Rises the Night and playing online. I left the apartment twice briefly today - once to go out and get sushi (when will I learn that the takeout sushi hear sucks and is wayyyyyyy overpriced?) and one to go feed my friend's cat (and loot their movie collection). It's positively dripping with humidity here and by the time I got up the hill after picking up the sushi I decided that I was going to stay inside with the a/c today where I could, you know, breathe.

Rises the Night picks up about a year after The Rest Falls Away. We find Victoria a bit older, and well...bored. She's been playing the proper society role for the past year and is itching for some action. She finds it - both with the vampires and with the return of Sebastien Vioget. And then there is the mystery of what happened to Max.

I liked the Italian setting. There were unexpected twists and turns. It wasn't predictable but didn't leave you feeling like you were cheated at the end the way some unpredictable novels do.

A great way to spend a lazy Saturday.