Officially on vacation and other matters

I am officially on vacation. I shut down my computer shortly after 4 and I'm done until September 4th! Woohoo! (Erm...unless I do a meeting in a nearby city next week...but that's highly unlikely I think...)

I've had beer. I've read a book. Yep, vacation.  Technically the book was a re-read. One of the books I picked up yesterday at the bookstore was a paperback edition of Avalon High, which I read back in November.  I'm interested in getting the sequels to it which are actually graphic novels. I think it will work well as a graphic novel.

Also in the hours since I shut down I've been doing some blog maintenance. I'm getting tired for clearing out hundreds of spam every few days, most of which is caught by the filter but others sneak through, so I've been going through and shutting off comments on old posts. I hate to do this, really I do, but the spambots suck and I'm tired of living in Spamalot. As of right now all posts up to the end of August 2006 are closed to comments along with a few other posts here and there that I've noticed seem to be heavy spam targets.  Along the way I've been cleaning up some of the categories and some formatting issues. So should you ever be tiptoeing through the archives and happen on a old post that you absolutely MUST comment on let me know and I'll temporarily open up comments on it.

I hope to do a lot of book reading this week.  In fact that's my only expectation for this week aside from getting all the paperwork done for my new health card and driver's license (sometimes moving provinces sucks). And if that goes well and they actually give me one of those...maybe, just maybe, I'll be getting a library card.