More vampiness

I seem to be heavy on the vamps lately.

I think I enjoyed The Good, the Bad and the Undead, the second book this series that I don't know the name of by Kim Harrison more than the second one. Maybe I was in a better mood. Or maybe not. I think in the first one I felt like there was a lot of waiting and explanation time. This one had less of that...or at least it felt like to me.

Things I liked: ummm I still like Jenks. I liked the continuing story with Trent - actually I really did like the twist it took.

Things I disliked: evil Ivy, more demon (sick of the demon already), and I wanted to puke every time Nick called Rachel "Ray-Ray" (although I think Ivy could have gotten away with it...).

What I hated: the nightmares I had last night. lol It involved living vampires and doxy dropping dust (yes that part was very Harry Potterish, whatever...).