A good news sort of day

I'm looking for the blessings where I can get them these days.
You see, some companies have this really asinine policy of double billing you for your first month of service. By double billing I mean they actually charge you for the first two months of service before you've generally even had a single full month. This is on top of installation fees which as far as I'm concerned are a rip off as they don't actually come into my house and actually install anything. So I've been expecting some big honking bills which just add to an already expensive move (remind me not to move any time soon mkay???).

I just got my phone bill from the Company I Said I'd Never Use Again.  Oops. Sometimes live sucks that way.  It turns out that moving mid-month is a pretty good thing do to. You see, it appears they set their billing days at either the middle or end of the month. So my first month actually was only 6 days and I got charged accordingly. And then somehow I managed to get credits for the installation (there is an explanation for this but I don't remember, perhaps because I was a former customer). So basically instead of my bill being more than $60 bucks for the first month it was about $11.  So a bill that before any deductions or credits should have been over $200 (two months plus installation) is less than $100.

I'd really love to tell you how this happened but I can't. My bill is in French. ;)

(Yes, I called back and made them change my language to English which I specifically stated they needed to do in the first damn place.)