I pretty much got no reading time in this weekend due to work. Blarg! Grossly unfair don't you think???

But I did get some web surfing done. You see, part of what I had to do this weekend was verifying some information and using a search function on a particular program. This search function is one of the slowest things ever. Seriously, I've seen paint dry faster. And I can't just sit there and STARE at it because it gets me all tensed out. I can't really read because I keep having to check and it the stupid thing was done searching yet. So I've caught on blog. I have a lot of book blogs in my feeds and I really only ever seem to get caught up on them during the weekend. And I read lots of stuff on BlogHer.  And then I cleaned out my bookmarks.

But there is something I keep meaning to link to and keep forgetting. It's not really book related but somehow I think y'all will appreciate it.

Inkling Magazine

I can't remember where I first heard about was either in a post at BlogHer or through She's Such a Geek (which I found via BlogHer).

Now go read. They have some interesting stuff. Ohhh look! The search function actually found something!