Oh to be a 3 year old

Cause I kinda feel like having a fit and saying "I'M NOT DOING IT AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!"

I really want to. Really, really want to.

Basically I've sort of inherited a bit steaming pile of poo at work. And it's not looking good. In fact looking almost down-right disastrous. And in order to keep it from being a total catastrophe I really need to work this weekend. AND I DON'T WANNA.

You see, things have been less than stellar at work lately. And I kind of came to an agreement with myself that from here on in my evenings and my weekends were mine. No more crazy overtime. No more 11, 14, 18 hour days. No more. It was time for me. It was time to get some of that work-life balance stuff they keep talking about at work (how ironic is that really?).

But I've sat and I've thought and I just don't see anyway out of it. I simply have to work this weekend. In theory I should be working RIGHT NOW.  But I'm not. No. You see, I NEED tonight off.  I'll work tomorrow. And then I'll go out with my friends tomorrow night. And I'll meet my friends for Sunday lunch if we're having Sunday lunch this weekend. Tonight is mine, tomorrow night is mine and part of Sunday is mine. Work will also probably get every damn night next week. I just simply don't see a way out of it. I really, really don't.

But this is it. And I mean it.

And my inner 3 year old is still having the tantrum. My grown up person is going to cook dinner and have a big glass of wine, relax, and put my feet up. And find my fucking laundry card because it's gone AWOL and I really need to do laundry.