Must. Resist. Temptation.

What is is about NOT being able to buy books that makes you want to run down to ye local book shoppe and rub your body all over books and then take them home with you?

The things is I have *plenty* to read. Oodles even. Aside from my own bookshelves, in which there are probably close to 50 unread books ranging from YA, to non-fiction, to fiction, to classics, Kit-Cat is stopping by later today and we're doing a bookswap. She gets Eclipse and whatever the hell else she wants from my shelves and I get the next two Urban Shaman books (plus I have two and a half of hers from the last swap that I need to read). If I wanted some historical-romance-mystery books I have a friend another block over who would be more than happy to let me go ape-shit on her shelves. Plus when my friend gets back from Portugal I'm pretty sure he would let me run wild at the university library with his staff card if I asked nicely and maybe bribed him with sushi or Burger King.

I have lots of books at my disposal.

But I still want to go buy them. Every time I click another link I see a book I MUST HAVE. Now. Immediately. I need that hot little item in my hands right this second.

Hello, my name is Sassymonkey and I'm addicted to buying books.

Edit: Heather and Mollie have both mentioned libraries in the comments. If you want you can read about my library dilemma in this post at over at BlogHer. I wrote it in May shortly after I decided I was moving back to Montreal.