Urban Shaman

Ok...before I start this two things.

  1. What the hell is up with all the headless women on book jackets? SERIOUSLY? WTF??? Has the book industry been invaded by headless female models? Do we need to put someone on the case? Although I do have to say in this particular case - colour me jealous of that stomach.

  2. Have y'all noticed I'm reading again? I am! Yay!

I actually read Urban Shaman before I read Eclipse but before I could write about it I read Eclipse and then Eclipse simply just has to be written about. You know how it is.

Kit-Cat had this on pictured on her blog ages ago (this was before she started her book blog...which I know for a fact she ought to update...*ahem*).

When I started it I was in a bad mood. My mood did not significantly improve while reading the book and that's not a reflection of the book but more a reflection of the snit I was in while reading it. But now that I few days have passed since reading it, and I'm in a better mood, I can honestly say that I liked it. It was different. And it had great side characters. And I liked Joanne (although in real life I likely would have been scared of her....).

I think my only minor criticism is that I think that C.E. Murphy maybe tried to do a bit too much in terms of Joanne's backstory in this one. It felt like everything just came too fast and that some things that were revealed were done in too rushed a fashion...or in the middle of action or between action that you really wanted to get to and it slowed things down a bit too much. But I was also in a snit when I read it so maybe I'm imagining it.

In any case I'll be borrowing the next two from Cat (hopefully soon...).

And just cause it's Sunday - clicky to watch The Big Snit.