Zap it

So after yet another Friday and another headache I decided to see if maybe I could tire myself out of having one today. It kinda worked.

I decided that today would be a walking/errand day. First off was a walk to Fairmont for bagels. Yes! I've had a Montreal bagel! Woohoo! Actually, I've had 1.5. lol Then I walked to a bakery where I used to buy bread from when I lived on he Plateau. Then I had to go the pharmacy to buy a new necessary items - like pain relievers for all the headaches I've been getting. Then I had to stop by the grocery store to buy stuff for dinner and cream cheese for the bagels (I could have gotten it at the bakery but I knew I'd be walking around. Somehow that turned into me buying a lot more than I meant do (like 3 boxed of pasta...) and I ended up having to take a cab home because I had too much to carry (oops...).

After I came home and made lunch I sat on my butt for awhile and read. And blogged. And pretended to watch tv. Then I realized that I had forgotten to buy garlic at the store earlier. Nuts! Needed that for dinner. So off I went and I ended up, again, buying more than I went in for but it was all fruits and veggies so I don't feel bad. Then I went across the street and bought wine. Then I walked back.

Total walking today: 8.85 km (or approx 5.5 miles) according to the google pedometer thingy. (Um so yeah...are you still sure you want to wander up and down St. Denis with me Kit-Cat???)

Now considering that most days I just sit on my ass and talk on the phone and read a bazillion emails and IM people for about 9 hours and then shut down the work laptop and turn on the Mac and blog and read blogs and then read a book - that's a hell of a lot of movement for me. It felt good though. Montreal really is a walking city. I had forgotten that. I mean, this is the place where at the end of a long day at work I would sometimes walk home, a 6km walk, cause I had been cooped up in the office for days. And no one thought this was weird. But it just never seemed, to me at least, that people walked quite as much in Toronto. Not to say that people didn' just wasn't the same you know? Now I understand why I went up a pants size in Toronto. I think if I can keep up the weekend walking I don't have to worry about that happening here. ;) Unsurprisingly all that walking made me ravenous. I made dinner, sat down to eat and about two minutes later realized I had inhaled my entire steak. Oops! It was tasty though!

The combination of pain reliever and exercise seems to be helping keep the headache monster at bay. I can still feel it creeping around the edges but it's not too bad. I think I zapped him into a corner for the time being. I hope. Maybe tomorrow I'll do the mountain.

Edit: It's not even 9pm and I'm seriously wondering if it's too early to go to bed because am I ever tired after all that walking. My body is confused.