I finished Eclipse last night, headache be damned.

Ah what to say? It didn't draw me in the same way that Twilight did. It didn't keep me rushing through the pages the way that New Moon did. I sort of plowed my way through this one just to get to the end of it. But I like that Bella *almost* seems like she's starting to grow up.

I loathed the love triangle. Which is unfortunate because it's a darned big part of the book. I didn't love Jacob in New Moon but I spent most of this book wishing I could slap him upside the head. Edward got on my nerves too and that's not something I ever thought would happen. I'm used to Bella being the one that's annoying.

There was less interaction with the Cullen family than I expected. I kind of thought that in this one we'd see Bella interacting more with Esme and Carlisle as she's chosen them as her future "parents". In the book Bella speaks a number of times about the Cullens being her family but there's not a whole lot of family interaction.

I like that we got Jasper's and Rosalie's backstory. Am I right in thinking that we are still missing Emmett's and Esme's?

I still like this series but I have to say that I think this book is the weakest to date. I'm really hoping that in the next book the focus will away from this stupid love triangle crap. And less werewolves . Not that I don't like them - I think they are great characters - but I'm sick of the stupid werewolf/vampire war/rivalry crap.

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