One month later

It's been a month since I moved back to Montreal.  I don't regret it. Not one itty bitty bit.

But I actually haven't don't a whole lot since I moved back. Lots of hanging out with Cat! Yay! And I did make a trip to the Atwater Market. And I did go to see fireworks. But ummm that's about it.  I was really tired after the move and the last couple of weekends I've been fighting the migraine beast (my neck is telling me I've got another battle coming up tonight, sigh).

So I haven't

  • gone to Chinatown

  • stepped foot on either St. Laurent or St. Denis

  • eaten a Montreal bagel, smoked meat sandwich, a steamie or had poutine

  • sat on a terrace and had sangria (although I have sat on a terrace and had beer)

  • gone to tam-tams

  • gone on the mountain

And that's just the things I can think of in a couple of minutes.

But I am happy to be here. I just need my head and body to cooperate so I can get out of the house a bit more. ;)