Currently Reading

Eclipse came the other day and I started it tonight. I don't think that it's going to pull me in quite the same way as the other two had. But only because I seem to have started a new weekend tradition - weekend migraine headaches. WOOHOO! Doesn't that sound FUN????

Ok, they aren't true migraines...yet. They are trying though. If it's like last weekend I'll be going to bed early tonight and then will fine tomorrow. Until about 8pm.

And I'm out of Advil. Boooooooooooooo.

I'm a few chapters in...4 to be exact. And I'm not it's a good sign that I really want to kick Bella. And I kinda want to kick Edward too and that's new to me. And Jacob - but that's not new. I wanted to kick him in the last book too. And Charlie but again, I often want to kick Charlie.

Here's to hoping the headache monster stays just on the other side of the window, peeking in but not striking, so that I may actually be able to enjoy reading this. ;)