I love Crazy Aunt Purl even if sometimes I think she hits too close to home for my own personal comfort.

And yes, Vanda is correct. I'm dealing with a not fun situation at work and yes it's exhausting. But I've been complaining about the lack of energy for a long time. A lot of it *is* stress but I really need to find a solution. As a friend told me this weekend I'm 28 and too young to be this tired all the time. And it's not that I'm even tired (although last couple of days TIRED definitely qualifies) as much as lacking energy. I did speak to my doctor about this in the spring and she did say my iron is "normal" (actually when I saw the results they said that I probably wasn't low on iron, not that I definitely wasn't low). It probably wouldn't kill me to up my iron intake. Or food journal. Despite the fact that I don't like food journaling and I really like to tell myself that I'm eating well I'm probably not. I'm not sleep deprived either. I need to do *something*...I just gotta figure out what that something is.

I thought I had more stuff than that. But that's it for now. I need to make some dinner. :)