RIP Sasha

For those of you who are unaware or new, Sasha was the shiny new laptop that I gleefully bought last October.  Sasha has gone on to a better place, ie someplace other than my place.  Cause Sasha ended up being a lemon.

After replacing a battery, two system boards, the dvd drive and a wireless card (not to mention who knows how many full system restores) HP broke down and managed to get me a store credit from where I purchased it.

This process has taken me a month.  The last week was a lot of phone calls and emails and involved actually going into the store.  And even then, when I got there today they tried to get me to do an exchange instead of getting the store credit I was told I'd get.  Yeah, sorry, but I'm not about to exchange a laptop with XP and 2GB of RAM for a laptop with Vista and 1GB of RAM. I'm really not quite that stupid.

So I got my store credit.  And then didn't buy anything. I had my eye on a MacBook but they didn't have the one I wanted in stock (even though their website said they had FOUR). hmph.  So I have the gift card with my store credit on it in my wallet right now and I'll use it either online or in Montreal.

Yeah, cause I'm moving TOMORROW.

RIP Sasha. You were a pretty laptop.  Too bad you were a lemon.