The Last St. Lawrence Saturday

Or at least the last one for a good long while.  I love the St. Lawrence Market. It is pure foodie heaven.  Some people love going there for the ready-made food and I have to admit they have darned tasty vendors. I desperately love the veal sandwich from the Italian place.  And the Chinese place has awesome bbq pork.  And there's a deli that makes a mean pastrami on rye.

I had to start off my excursion with breakfast today though. I walked down Jarvis to get there and grabbed 1/2 pint of fresh Ontario raspberries as I walked by the North Market. Then I tromped downstairs to the Stonemill Bakery to grab an almond croissant. And to the Everyday Gourmet for the best, and possibly cheapest, cappuccino downtown. Of course I had to go outside and sit at one of the picnic tables.  Mmmmmmmmm

Mostly I love the market more for the yummy things I can take home and prepare. There's very little you cannot find at the St. Lawrence Market. It's been my go-to place for a tasty home cooked meal.

I can never pass up Scheffler's Deli.  I've bought the vast majority of my cheese there over the last couple of years.  Piper is developing a very extensive cheese palate. I'm moving on Tuesday so it should have been just a trip in and out but somehow I left with three different types of cheese (yes, I will be travelling back to Montreal with a cooler, lol).  Who can turn down 1000 day old Gouda? Or Gouda with jalapenos? Or a wedge of Leerdammer Dutch cheese?  Apparently not me.

And of course I had to pick up a fresh bottle of Kozlik's Amazing Maple mustard. Nothing is better on a bacon sandwich (especially if you use maple bacon...mmmmmmmm).

And then I had to decide on what to make for dinner tonight.  Witteveen's Meats are always very tempting and there bourbon beef kabobs can't be beat, but I've got limited cookware.  I'd have loved to have make wasabi crusted tuna but again, limited cooking.  So fresh pasta from St. Lawrence Ice Cream and Pizza with some of their yummy combo pasta sauce (alfredo, pesto and I think marinara all combined).

I also gave myself one last treat. I've looked at the jewelry that local artists make and I bought myself a necklace as a little moving away gift.

As I walked back to the streetcar I couldn't resist stopping for more fresh raspberries to eat for dessert tonight. Yum!