I um accidentally bought books today. Notice the "s" there? I'm moving in 4 days. What the heck am I doing buying things that I'll need to PACK????? I clearly have issues. That being said I had a crappy evening (damn laptop issues) and the lingerie store was closed. The bookstore was open.
So the list of what I'm adding to my boxes and bookshelves...

  • Negotiating with the Dead: A writer on writing by Margaret Atwood

  • Casanova was a Book Lover by John Maxwell Hamilton

  • The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove by Christopher Moore

  • Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore

  • The Folies Bergere by Charles Castle

  • Striptease: the untold story of the girlie show by Rachel Shteir

  • Burlesque: Legendary stars of the stage by Jane Briggeman

  • Pretty Things: The last generation of American burlesque queens by Liz Goldwyn (I saw the documentary awhile ago)

Yes, there is a bit of a theme there at the end. I actually went in looking for a specific burlesque book which they didn't have. I'll have some interesting reading to keep me warm as I go through withdrawl from the Toronto Public Library. *sniff*