Goose Girl

I read this in June. I'm obviously behind again. Bad me!

I read the Princess Academy months ago and meant to add Good Girl to my reading list right away but I didn't and I have no clue why. I should have.

Ani was the Crown Princess of Kildenree. But instead of becoming the Queen she finds out shortly after the death of her father and her 16th birthday that was secretly betrothed to the Crown Prince of Bayern. On the trip there her bodyguards mutiny in an attempt to make her lady in waiting the new princess. Ani manages to escape with her life. She hides in the forest until she finds a way to make it into the city with some new friends. Once in the city she finds employment as the king's goose girl. From there she forges more friendships, gets strong and finds a new ability.

I will admit that when I started the book I wasn't sure. And then even a few chapters into the book I was still unsure. Ani just seemed so...wimpy. But when you put someone in exceptional circumstances they become exceptional characters. When faced with having to be strong Ani was strong and I loved her.

Shannon Hale weaves a very good fairy tale. I've read all of her books from the library and I really need to start picking up my own copies. Her books *need* to be on my bookshelf.

Note: Goose Girl is for a slightly older audience than Princess Academy so I'm filing it under YA rather than Children's lit. See my friend Skeet's description as to why.