X-Weighted Season Two

Ok, since this information is annoying difficult to find and since I know a whack of people show up here every week looking for information about X-Weighted I thought I'd post the information I found here.

Right. X-Weighted Season II starts THIS WEEK! Finally. First episode of the season airs on Slice at 8pm ET, Thusday July 5 and repeats on the same day at 11pm ET. It also repeats Saturday July 7 at 11am ET, Sunday July 8 at 7pm ET, Monday July 9 at 9am ET and Wednesday July 11 at 3pm ET. The first episode focuses on Valencia.

Note to Slice:
Hello, Slice? Your page on the show really rather sucks and information is harder to find than it should be. Sorry but it's true. The number of people who find me every week looking for information about the show are a good indication that you need to do something about that. Cause you know, it's a good show and I obviously think so otherwise I would have never bothered to blog about it plus I really don't watch much TV at all so the fact that I make a point to watch regularly says volumes about the show. As does the number of people who seek out information about it. You can do better.

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