Yet another in a series of posts

When I travel I like to post about what I plan to read while travelling. Because it's the first rule of travel - one must have a book (or 5). It's been a split second decision to go away this weekend but away I am going. At some point today I am going to hop on a bus and head to the nation's captial (Laurie, I'm still planning to head back in mid-August and I believe again in September). I had always kind of planned to be away this weekend - originally I thought I was going to BlogHer Con but the whole move thing kinda put the end to that. But Ottawa is only a hop, skip and a jump away so why not? And I have great friends to stay with, they are going to feed me bbq and teach me how to use my shiny, new MacBook!!!

Yes! I have a MacBook! It arrived two days ago. It's purty!

Right, so back to reading. In the evenings I've been reading Time Was Soft There by Jeremy Mercer. So that's automatically going in my bag. Then I thought I might need something more lighthearted so I'm thinking of stopping by the local Chapters and picking up a copy of Colleen's Rises the Night. I still feel like I need one more book, just in case I can't get to the bookstore to buy Rises the Night and I can't decide what it should be. Our Hidden Lives? Elsewhere? The Ladies Lending Library? Should I stop by a secondhand bookstore and pick up a handful of trashy romances? (I've had a hankering for some trashy romance reading lately...)

And should I bring a movie and my headphones with me just in case there are really annoying people on the bus and I want to watch a movie on my laptop? (Can I just say that the battery life on Mac's totally KICKS ASS?)

Too many decisions!