The fridge faerie came!

I went out for a bit this afternoon after having been told to take the afternoon off. When I was heading out I bumped into one of the superintendents and he told me my fridge would arrive sometime this afternoon or tomorrow. I didn't really think much of it because, well, delivery times are usually wrong aren't they?

So I was out and checked out the local Y because it's only $10 more a month than the little rinky-dinky gym in my apartment building. Then I picked up some smoothies and visited Kit-Cat at her office. Then I came home and checked my emails and had one of those moments where you whack yourself on the head because you totally forgot you were supposed to do something. Then I made some calls and while I was on the phone I noticed something weird on my fridge. Which made me think "Hmmmm has someone been in my apartment." Then I realized that there was something stuck in the handle on my fridge and I thought "Hmmm my fridge doesn't have handles, it had grooves in the side."

Then I realized I was visited by the Fridge Faeries. They brought me a new fridge! And moved all the stuff from my old fridge to the new fridge! (Mostly without incident although they did put some medication that was in the fridge door in the freezer but thankfully I noticed.) And the new fridge? It has TWO crispers instead of one! And a snack drawer! and it came with lots of icecube trays! And it feels BIGGER. They even moved my magnets!

I like the Fridge Faeries.