BlogHer Redesign Launched!

Woohoo! I woke up this morning to find a new pretty BlogHer waiting for me!

Among the many changes is that now EVERYONE can make blog posts there! Isn't that exciting???? There's still a spot for Contributing Editors and we will continue to post a regular basis.  But now you can too! How cool is that??? Oh course, you do have to register to be able to post but it only takes a couple of minutes.  And yes, BlogHim's are welcome too!

Check out Lisa's announcement post and be sure to look at the Using this Site page. The site is still beta so there are still some kinks. Have some patience with it. If you run into any problems you can report them on the Using this Site Forum.

Now head on over and play!

(Did I mention that you have 4 choices for background colour? I'm championing the salmon colour personally...)