Last year's BlogMe me gave me my tagline for this blog so who knows, maybe i'll end up editing this and adding it to my about me page. And for the record, you do not have to go to BlogHer in order to participate as I didn't go last year and I'm not going this year.


Hi! I'm Sassymonkey and you will not be meeting me at BlogHer because in May I went on a trip to Montreal to visit some friends and I found my crazy and guess what? My crazy wanted me to move back to Montreal so I had to comply and I just moved two weeks ago and now I'm broke so no BlogHer for me this year (*sniff*). I am a perfectionist who does not believe in perfection therefore I am a master procrastinator. If I were to go to BlogHer you'd probably find me in a corner observing because despite by cheery online persona I'm very shy in person. I realize there would be many of us hiding in corners - you could identify me as the one with a book hiding behind the bottle of red wine (preferably a shiraz) checking out everyone's shoes. Once I get to know you and I feel comfortable around you I can occasionally be hard to shut up (just ask Denise). I like words that are fun to say and right now the two at the top of my list are "schnitzel" and "widget" and it's even funnier when you combine them - "schnitzel widget". My mind is an array of mismatched thoughts and often goes from point A to about point F thereby confusing everyone including myself. And oh yeah, I tend to talk fast so yes, I actually could say this in about 10 seconds.