Now that I've finished with the June books I figure it might be nice to actually post about a book in the same month that I read it. Ha! Imagine that. Timely blogging. ;)I picked this up at a corner store one day before I moved because I decided I wanted to eat out for lunch and discovered that I hadn't taken a book with me. Oops! And this seemed much more appealing than the romance novels.

In Stray Faythe is a werecat, a rebellious werecat who left her Pride to pursue higher education and well, to have a life that did not revolve around the Pride. Her father is the alpha of her Pride and well, that makes thing complicated because not only is he Daddy but he's also everyone's boss. There are not many "tabbies" in the Pride, most werecats are "toms". Of course events conspire that bring her back into the fold of the Pride, specifically a Stray is attacking werecats and kidnapping tabbies (Strays used to be human but are turned into werecats whereas Faythe and her family were born werecats - a sort of pureblood/muggle thing going on).

Blah, blah, blah. Not a great book. But it certainly helped me procrastinate when I should have been packing. I almost want to keep an eye out for the second book which I'm assuming is to come out at some point, but only because I have a theory as to what will happen and well...I like to find out if my theories are right (who doesn't).