Feeling bloggy

And yet I really don't have much to say.

It's kinda weird being back in Montreal.  Mostly a good weird but there is clearly an underlying anxiety as I had a horrid dream last night - horrid to the point where I woke up crying.  But it's ok, I think I understand why I had it.  It's all good.  But ummmm I really don't want another one of those mkay Mr. Sandman?

I'm feeling both restless and lazy tonight. In theory I should be unpacking. And that would use some up some of my energy. But on the other hand I'd really just like to go to sleep.  But then I'll likely just wake up at 6am again as I've been doing most mornings. I think my body is confused by this thing called "sunlight" that hits these things called "windows".  They have both been rather foreign objects in my life for the last two years and well, it's taking some getting used to.  What I'd really like to do is go to bed and sleep until about 11am but I know that's not going to happen. But it could though because I am taking tomorrow off.  Cause I things I need to do. Like unpack. And go talk to the building manager about where the heck I get a card for the laundry room. And a key to the gym.

Speaking of the building, I freaking love this building and the management. The night I moved it I discovered that the shower was broken. It was fixed within 20 minutes of my phone call the next morning. Then when the furniture guys were dropping off my new bed (there will eventually be pictures I think) one of the maintenance guys was with them and fixed my sticky window with a steak knife and a hammer. No I am not kidding.  And then today I called because I'm having issues with my refrigerator. There is water pooling inside it at the bottom.  So I called maintenance. The guy was here in 5 minutes and decided I needed a new-to-me fridge. But it turns out there are no new-to-me fridges available so they are buying a brand spanking new fridge. I can only dream that is has an ice dispenser on the front because then I could make margaritas all day long! ;)

And while I'm talking about the building, this whole doorman thing kicks ass. I'm becoming totally spoiled. Last night a friend took me grocery shopping and both of our hands were full when we walked in the building. So the doorman, without me asking him, walked over the eleavator, dressed the button for my floor and then held the door open for us.

Yep, I'm spoiled and I liked it.

Hmm looks like I had something to say after all. Yay for word-vomity goodness.