Enna Burning

Woohoo! Last of the June books! And there aren't really any July books because I've mostly been re-reading

Enna Burning is the sequel to Goose Girl.

To be honest I'm not sure how I felt about this one. I liked it but I think that maybe I expected more from it. I really liked Enna in the first book but I'm not sure that she was really what I expected in this one.

Enna Burning picks up a bit after where Goose Girl leaves off. It's months after the royal wedding and Enna has returned to the forest because her mother was sick. When the book starts she has already died so it's just Enna and her brother, Leifer. Leifer is often away but then he begins to act oddly. Enna discovers that he has learned to create and control fire much like how Isi controls the wind. Through various events Enna learns how to fire-speak as well.

As I said, Enna wasn't quite what I expected in this. It just didn't seem like the same personality to me. Overall I felt a bit disappointed in this one although I can't exactly pinpoint why.

This book is much more mature than Goose Girl was and it's certainly for an older audience than Princess Academy.

There's also a third book in this series, River Secrets but I have no desire to read it at the moment.