It still looks like a tornado ripped through my apartment. It now just looks like it dropped off a few more boxes on the way. Remind me that I never want to move again. And that I need to clean more often cause the dust is killing me.

Accomplished today:

  • Kitchen -  mostly packed except essential items, some dried goods that I'm going to try to use up over the next week or so, and some odds and ends.

  • Clothes - mostly packed except what's in clean in the laundry basket and what's dirty in the laundry hamper.

  • Bathroom - haven't touched the freaking thing today.

Plan for tomorrow:

  • Pack the damn bathroom.

  • Totally dismantle my excuse for an office. I'm only working 4 days next week. I'll work from the couch.

  • SWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP (Sorry,  Men with Brooms was on TV as I was packing - how it that I never noticed that Paul Gross has an exceptionally fine ass?)

  • Move boxes around so they they are where my "office" is.

  • Make the place look clean b/c I have a friend coming over for dinner (cleaning out my freezer).

  • Oh yeah...guess I'll have to cook my friend dinner too.

I have to take an allergy pill now. The dust is killing me.