I haven't posted yet because I've been busy. And tired.  But here's the condensed version.

The movers showed up at my Toronto apartment at 6:15.  My friend and I got to Montreal at 2am.  The car ride was mostly ok except for the part where my cat freaked out and peed and shit on me. Luckily I had a towel on my lap so technically she only shit on the towel. I still got peed on.  So 30 minutes into our ride we had to pull off the highway and go into a parking lot where I stripped down to my underwear and proceeded to wash myself off.  Nothing like giving the locals the show.  Oh and there was that random guy at a rest stop who got pissed because I wouldn't let him use my phone (yeah, like I'm going to let some strange guy use my phone at 12am at a rest stop when there are payphones right there).

Finally got to bed around 3:30 and had to get up by 7 because the cable guy was coming anywhere between 7:30am and 8pm.  Movers were supposed to show up at 10.  Movers were here a bit after 9 and the cable guy was only 20 minutes behind them.  Then the rest of the day was spent unpacking and basically had a revolving door of people visiting. Including Kit-Cat who was so excited that she fell down some stairs.

The rest of the week was largely spent avoiding unpacking and trying to catch up on sleep.  And getting used to walking up a damned steep hill every day.   And well, being pretty lazy. And buying a bed that costs way too much money (it's being delivered on Monday).

And now I need to get dressed and run away because I really need to buy groceries. I'm so sick of take out boxes!