You see, I had this little routine thing going on. I'd go to the library to return books and pick up books. Chat with the librarians. Then I'd pop across the street to the Indian takeout place for samosas or aloo tikki (both served with a side of chickpeas...yum). If it was a Tuesday I might decide to get their super cheap thali special.

Today I went to drop off some overdue library books in the box (library not open on Sunday) and *sob* the takeout place is GONE. Locked up, newspaper over the windows, for lease sign - the whole shebang.

On one hand, I'm not all that surprised. The place wasn't very nice looking. It was kinda grungy. And the people who owned it while polite were not exactly what I would call "nice" or "friendly" (it was owned by a couple and the wife...oh man, she did not give off friendly vibes). It didn't seem like they put much effort into it and as a result it was rare that there were many people there aside from on Tuesdays. So really, I'm not surprised it closed.

But on the other hand I'm a selfish being and don't they know they are supposed to stay open so that I can get my fill of yummy samosas and chickpeas for the next 6 weeks? Seriously, don't they know this? I don't have time to go exploring other takeout places in the neighbourhood. That was *my* takeout place. It was so convenient and cheap and well...there. I had no idea it was closing. I didn't know that the last time I was there would be the last time I was there. Where the heck am I supposed to pick up a post-library snack now? hmph!