101 things

Updated for the first time since March. lol

1. Read a “missed” classic. x10 8 (Jane Eyre, Mansfield Park)
2. Complete the a-z reading challenge - 26 books (update June 3, 10 of 26 read)
4. Don’t buy a single book for a month x4 3 (didn’t buy a book in May!)
9. Call Deby x4 (3)
20. Go to Montreal x2 (Good thing I got in my visits early because I’m moving back July 07!)
45. Apply for other jobs before my contract is up (crossing this one off the list b/c I’m not on contract anymore, yay!)
59. Stop whining about headaches and see doctor about them (there’s not a thing wrong with me)
72. Go to the ballet (two in June 07)
82. Get a(nother) tattoo
(May 07)
93. Go for a bra fitting (April 07)