HP you are seriously losing a customer

So my HP Pavillion laptop had to be sent back to its mothership last week because it stopped recognizing the wireless card. This was after at least 4 phone calls to tech support that I didn't bother blogging about it. Again. Cause you've all heard it before.

So off it went. And I kept looking online to check the status. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

So I called. Because again, we've been through this before.

Yeah, turns out there's a parts shortage. Until August. Yes, that's right. AUGUST.

Needless to say I am most seriously displeased.

  • It's June. AUGUST. AUGUST!

  • I was not informed of this. If I hadn't called tonight who knows when I would have found out.

  • My case is being escalated and I will be called in 1-3 business days. Do I need to tell you what total CRAP that is? If you are holding my laptop hostage until AUGUST. I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU YESTERDAY. We are supposed to discuss "options". Let me tell you they better be some DAMN GOOD options cause I am most seriously displeased (I'm trying not to swear so therefore you can guess what I really am).

Yep, blogging about this. Just like I told the tech support person I would be. And now it's only fair to say this isn't the fault of the people in HP's tech support. HP actually has good tech support people. But this is the second time I've gotten burned by the parts people. Yes, I've been through this before. Only instead of telling me August they kept saying it would show up in two business days. Eventually they were right (it took a month).

HP, if only for the sake of your tech support people I want to like you. But I will never buy another computer from you ever again. And I won't let my friends either.

Let's review my history with HP. It took a month to get me a new battery. Then it turns out that my computer had be to sent in for service. I get it back and the new battery works (although doesn't keep the computer running as long as the first one did). But when I get it back the CD player is broken. So they had to send me a new one. Then things chugged along until now. And now YOU ARE HOLDING MY COMPUTER HOSTAGE UNTIL AUGUST.

Moral of story: HP, you suck at customer service.
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