Wow! I packed something!

After not packing as single thing for the whole weekend I packed something today. Aren't you impressed???

My bathroom is sad.  I took down the pretty shower curtain and packed it, replacing it with a cheap dollarstore liner.  And even sadder, I took down the bathroom ladies.  They are packed away in a box.  And when they emerge they won't be bathroom ladies anymore! My new bathroom isn't big enough for them!  They shall become the hallway ladies and take a new place of honour right across from the hall closet. Hey, people will have a something pretty to look at while hanging up their coats and on the way to the bathroom. Also packed up was my big ass diploma.  Anyone who has ever seen can attest to it being huge.

And ummm...that's about as far as I got. But it's progress. Yay progress.

I really need to start seriously tackling the kitchen soon and um...not looking forward to it.  At all.