An Abundance of Katherines

Some of you may know that that I am somewhat obsessed with Brotherhood 2.0. While I had known about John Green before that I hadn't read his books. And what most of you won't know is that through Brotherhood I've developed a wee crush on John Green. How can you not? Ok, fine, my friend Melissa (I'm responsible for her Brotherhood addiction, what can I say, I like to share the goodies) would say that she's got a crush on Hank and I will acknowledge that Hank has a certain charm. But I'd totally marry John. If, you know, I actually had any temptation to do the whole marriage thing (which I don't). And if he wasn't married to the very wonderful Yeti (which he is). So I'll just keep trucking along with my crush until the end of the year when the Brotherhood ends at which point I'll have Green Brother withdrawal.

So about the book...An Abundance of Katherines is about Colin. Colin has dated an abundance of Katherines. No, not 1 not 2, not 5. He has dated 19 Katherines. That's impressive. I don't think I know 19 Katherines (heck, not even sure I know 19 Jennifers and I know a lot of Jennifers). After his breakup with K19, his best (and only) friend Hassan decides they are going on a road trip. The open road, the world to discover, Katherines to forget. Sounded like a good idea. They end up in the middle of nowhere. And stay there. And technically nowhere is Gunshot, TN. And yes, there is a girl. But no, her name is not Katherine.

A few notes - this book has FOOTNOTES! I LOVE IT!!!! I really, really do. Lovvvvvveeee it. Also this book has an appendix. This is important because anyone who has been a regular follower of the Brotherhood knows that math is not John's strength and this deals with theorems.

It also has likeable characters. I like when there are likable characters. I'm too busy these days to force myself to like things. Actually I loved Hassan. Hassan rocked!

Two thumbs up! And I feel like I really need to read Looking for Alaska. But I cannot buy any books right now. If I buy em I gotta pack em and it seems like they are breeding on their own as it is.

(Two more books to go and I'll be caught up I think...)

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