So...I took yesterday off work so I could pack and clean.  Excellent idea don't you think?  So y'all want to know how much I got packed don't you?

Um yeah...nada.  Zip.  Zero. Nothing.

What did I do? I went to a cafe and sat there for two hours with a large cappuccino and a mushroom brie fleck. And I read a book.  Then I came home and sat on the porch with the same book and a glass of wine and ate my way through a bag of fresh cherries.  Then I went out.

Good times!

Today I'm supposed to pack...which I haven't done so far.  And um...I'm going to the ballet tonight.  And may be meeting someone for a drink before.  So right now I really *should* be cleaning and packing.

But I'm seriously thinking about going out for a coffee.  Hee! I'm nothing if not consistent. ;)